About Us

From 2020

WDSTUFF was born to create soul-filled objects that everyone will love and can feel the strength of a relationship with the material. For the taste and pleasure of sitting at a dinner table, or in a stool that will last you a lifetime. Objects that stay with you and live to tell your stories.

After many years creating and imagining pieces that would be meaningful to the person who uses it, we’re the ones that care about this relationship and develop it to the next level. We want you to sit in your chair, table, bench and feel the craftsmanship and love that we put in our pieces. 

WDSTUFF is the hidden soul of the wood. The feeling of being where we want to be with whom we want to be with.

What do we do:

In our core values, we have a need to build pieces that bring out a passion for living. Tables, chairs, stools, dollhouses, garden accessories and other objects that can grow with you and tell your story. Pieces that will be part of your life and your family.


  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Friendly
  • True Soul